"I came in restless, like I was coming out of my skin. During the Evox session, I became calmer and more peaceful. After the session ended, I felt happy and joyful…hallelujah"! Gina Gomez, ABQ, NM
"You can feel your personal vibration change from restriction to freedom in a multitude of ways that bring life changing experiences". Cal Anderson, ABQ, NM
"I was heavy metal toxic, with high levels of mercury. I had seen many doctors who tried to chelate me with devastating side effects…leading me into a downward spiral. After a chelation treatment with Dr. Ferraro, not only were there no side effects, I felt calmer than I had in years". Jack Harwood, Aspen, CO.
"I’ve been exclusively seeing naturopaths and alternative doctors for 25 years, and Dr. Ferraro has the most vast and comprehensive set of skills-bag of healing modalities–I’ve ever seen. She’s 10 doctors in one. I will only stop seeing her when one of us is dead"! Karen Jones Meadows, Placitas, NM